Our workshops are intense multi-day experiences designed to increase your capacity for dignity, integrity, communication, teamwork and honour. They will change how you think about leadership and ethics and reframe past experiences to create a new awareness around what you need to be to lead in your own Way.

These unique workshops are specifically designed for those people who understand that leaders can and must exist at all levels of their organisation.

Ethics must be applied. Being a leader is not an intellectual exercise.

You must take decisive action in this moment - even if you are uncertain. Action that is consistent with a clearly understood set of values that will benefit you as an individual as much as it benefits your team.

Details on the upcoming workshops are available here.

“Leaders of today and tomorrow need to understand the meaning of trust. They must then demonstrate it in their behaviour. This participatory personal learning experience stands alone in developing these traits. The Samurai Game helps aspiring leaders to identify and reinforce their code of honour and ethics, their Bushido. Paul Marshall’s brilliance guides you across new ground in the Samurai Game in a fun and safe environment.”

- Alistair, Organisational Behaviour Consultant


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