An intense multi-day experience designed to increase your capacity for ethical conduct, dignity, integrity, communication, teamwork and honour. It will change how you think about ethics and leadership and reframe past experiences to create a new awareness around the choices you need to make to lead in your own Way.

If you are a leader in your organisation you do not want your team to have to do it the first time for real. Give them the opportunity to practice making real life ethical decisions as part of a team fighting for the only thing that matters. However, as in life, the choices they make as individuals are the only things that count.

If you would like an insight into what the Samurai Game has to offer your organisation submit a request to have Paul visit your workplace and deliver his presentation "Serious Play - why ethics training is a waste of time and money but playing ethically delivers". This interactive and highly engaging presentation is guaranteed to change the way your team thinks about your Code of Conduct!

Information on our upcoming reframing Leadership workshops is available here.

“I couldn’t stop talking about [the weekend] and it has changed me in the way I look at my self and my relationships. I hope it is a change that stays with me for the rest of my life.”

- Craig, Business Development Officer


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