Our reframing Leadership in schools program is suitable for students of all physical abilities from Year 6 to Year 12.

A modified version of our public and corporate workshops, it allows students to explore the heart and mind of what makes it possible to lead others in uncertain times while under the pressures of peer group dynamics, academic competition, family and individual daily life.

We have run a program in schools every year since 2009 and this is what one Principal has to say:

I had the privilege of participating in the Samurai Game facilitated by Paul Marshall. As a school principal I found the game exciting, challenging and fulfilling. The game allowed me to see leadership from a new perspective and to reflect on my strengths and challenges as a leader. It was a wonderful experience. Paul is an excellent facilitator and is mindful of the uniqueness of each participant.

Paul also facilitated the game for our Year 7 students. Their reflections indicated the powerful learning opportunity the game offered. It was certainly engaging, active, reflective and an opportunity to stretch their understanding of themselves as leaders within a community.

I am pleased to recommend this activity to other professionals and to school communities.

Rick Sheehan
Principal, St Agnes Mt Gravatt

The heart of the workshop remains the Samurai Game®. This one day workshop delivers the core experience and allows teachers to explore and unpack the learnings with their students in the days that follow. Additional opportunities are provided to the students if their teachers also participate. The workshop challenges everyone's preconceptions about what they are capable of achieving and also what others are capable of doing.

Students will be part of a team fighting for the only thing that matters. However, as in life, their performance as an individual is the only thing that counts. They will be asked to fully engage with others but can do so knowing that every aspect of the workshop is voluntary. Being a leader is a choice. Opportunities for learning are equally available to those who choose not to play.

The supporting curriculum unit which includes lesson plans and worksheets based around 16th century Samurai Japan can be tailored to support and explore the practical application of a number of curriculum areas. If you would like receive a free copy of the lesson plans please contact us and we will email them to you.

The game is intense and dynamic, live and unscripted so no two workshops will ever be the same. It can be included every year as part of a leadership program as a belief that you understand the Game and know how to "win" will ultimately be just another preconception that will hinder your ability to lead effectively.

Our most common response from students is "Can you come back tomorrow so we can do it again?". They always want to come back to tempt fate and to try again...

Student comments from a recent school program included:

"It was challenging! Physically and mentally."

"I found the history aspects really interesting."

"It was enjoyable. I really liked it."

"Unique. A cool way to learn and learn about each other."

We believe so strongly in the benefits of this workshop for students that we provide it to schools at significantly reduced rates. We also offer discounts on a number of places in our public programs for teachers and principals who wish to experience the workshop before bringing it into their school. Please e-mail us for more information or contact Paul directly on 07-3122-0551.

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