reframing Leadership embodies the paradox of leadership.

You will explore and discuss the heart and mind of what makes it possible to lead others in uncertain times while under the pressures of business, organisational dynamics, professional competition, family and individual daily life.

You will also take action. At the heart of the workshop is the Samurai Game®. Developed by George Leonard, it is arguably one of the most intense learning experiences that organisations and individuals can participate in. While it is intense, there is no significant physical contact. The workshop will provide the same opportunities regardless of your physical ability, age or gender.

I had the privilege of participating in the Samurai Game facilitated by Paul Marshall. As a school Principal I found the game exciting, challenging and fulfilling. The game allowed me to see leadership from a new perspective and to reflect on my strengths and challenges as a leader. It was a wonderful experience. Paul is an excellent facilitator and is mindful of the uniqueness of each participant.

Rick Sheehan
Principal, St Agnes Mt Gravatt

Listen to what one senior executive had to say about their experience of the Samurai Game:

You will be part of a team fighting for the only thing that matters. However, as in life, your performance as an individual is the only thing that counts. You will be asked to fully engage with others but can do so knowing that every aspect of the workshop is voluntary.

Being a leader is your choice.

There is no rock music, no high-fives, and no group hugs. Just the opportunity to be who you know you can be and to gain the learnings and insights obtained by others who share the experience with you.

The game is live and unscripted so no two workshops will ever be the same. You will want to come back to tempt fate and to try again...

Information on our upcoming reframing Leadership workshops is available here.

Our reframing Leadership program for schools is suitable for students of all physical abilities from Year 6 to Year 12. You can find more information about the Samurai Game in schools here.

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